Our work is engineering and procurement of high-end solutions. That is why one of our task is quality promotion, marketing and support of products of our partners, i.e. manufacturing factories, which we represent in Russia. We value our reputation as a reliable partner and care for longstanding partner relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Why it is profitable to work with AND-Tech LLC?

Five fundamental concepts of our business:

Qualification Detailed elaboration of each project Closeness to the customer Service Comprehensive solutions and design works
We believe that only one who knows perfectly details of a product and its technical specifications is able to represent this product in the best way. This is why our specialists are graduates of specialized departments of leading Russian universities and well-reputed specialists, experts in their field.Through knowledge of customers business and what customers value we offer profitable technical solutions

Each project which we work on gets detailed elaboration – it is important for us to understand how our equipment will be used and which tasks it will solve.

Because only in this way we can be sure in full satisfaction of our customers in work with our equipment.

Our work style is close cooperation with end-customers in design and implementation of each technical solution.Based on such principle in particular high-end and unique installations for various spheres of science and industries get created.Each of our customers is offered the most detailed and competent consultation, engineer’s visit and direct participation in installation of equipment or personnel training on his site. Each our customer can rely on our help in installation, commissioning and equipment adjustment.We can offer full after-sales service support of all range of our equipment. We are able to solve the most difficult tasks of our customers. We collaborate with leading public institutions, expert and engineering companies in order to fulfil large-scale projects.Besides of caring about details we are devoted to the concept of complex approach in solving tasks – how all the equipment will work in terms of one concrete installation and enterprise of the customer all-in-all.

We specialize in procurement and after-sales service of:

  • Gas and fluid mixture treatment equipment;
  • Air and gas compressors;
  • Vacuum pumps and parts;
  • Equipment for high- and ultra- purity applications;
  • Spectrometry and residual gas analysis;
  • Cooling and Heating equipment;


Our main benefits:

  • Comprehensive marketing for your products. We know Russian market and make quality promotion through detailed understanding of each sales-point and smart, intelligent marketing.
  • A highly efficient international delivery. We can buy your products on variable terms, included EXW.
  • All pre-sales, sales and after-sales work. We care about longstanding partnership, our and your reputation.
  • We provide equipment and spare parts sales, service maintenance, selection of equipment and technological consulting.